The Campaign
Castle of the White Prince

An Adventure for four.

This is a freeform campaign designed for four players. Players will be taking on the role of one of four characters who set out on a new adventure to change their fate and discover the mystery of their past. The setting is “The fortress of the white dragon prince” a mysterious labyrinth castle created by an ancient shapeshifting prince, and the outlying lands and realm.

At first the game is contained to the castle and the surrounding grounds, once the players have discovered all the mysteries within they may gain the power to explore the outer universe.

Players will react to scenarios presented by me, the GM, and also contribute their own information and discoveries to the world which they live in to produce an epic world and story line.

After the four adventurers have started on their path and established themselves in the world new player characters may be introduced to the game. With the original four acting as higher dieties.

To understand the character you will be playing as, please read the setting introduction below to get a picture for what the opening scene is like. From here the party will begin their story. With each player posting hopefully once per day, or at least 5 times/week. If a player can not post for a day or series of days his PC may be taken over by the GM or replaced temporarily. At certain times new events will be introduced by the GM or players. NPC characters will act according to the GMs designs if and when they are encountered. The players actions will be resolved by the decision of the GM and by established laws of the universe which the players will help collaborate in creating.

==== **Setting Description*** ====

Who is the white prince?

The white prince is victorious.
He has bested the trials that were the downfall of his mentors before him
he has crossed Charon’s dark river of the underworld many times and dwells in victorious solitude in his icy black fortress. Outside is eternal darkness and storm in his lands which are vast. No one can travel from the ordinary world to his realm except on dragons wings. He lives in seclusion because he has defeated all foes and only finds appeal in his own style. He surrounds himself with beautfil pale female nymphs and angels who are his servants and companions. No other male shares his abode, for he has defeated every challenger.

With his legendary enchanted red boots of the dragon he takes flight and has dominion over the land.
He is a great warrior and a master craftsman.
He dwells in darkness and cold storm to conceal his prizes from the unworthy.
His existence is a secret and a quest of epic proportions is required to reach his dwelling.

He is the dark prince.
He is the white prince.

Outside his dark walls and within the many crevices and pathways of his fortress dwell many lesser beings who have become somehow entangled with him along his eternal pathway. He pays no mind to them and has almost no concern for or knowledge of their existence, for his mind is concerned with much larger events.

The rodents, halflings, and elves which dwell in the crevices around his fortress desire the warmth and comfort that exists within its walls. They can not match the splendor of the dark white prince and could never approach him on equal footing.
His palace is a labyrinth, full of forgotten rooms filled with the treasures and remnents of his many triumphs and trials.
He resides in eternal storm,
occasionally visiting the sunlit world. The lowly gnome people who dwell in the roots and crevices of his outer walls desire only the warmth and comfort that he holds within.
With his great stature he is not even aware of their existence, let alone their plight.

Plight of the Four
Four lowly characters huddle close in the dank brown root. They crouch in the cavernous root of the gnarled willow which sprouts from the cold black obsidian of the dragon princes walls. Their world is dark and cold except for a small fire which they they are constantly struggling to keep it lit since the dripping rain constantly puts it out. The rain and thunder never cease and the gnarled tree provides little protection. They trap insects and eat tree nuts and grass. They boil roots for tea and have no way of escaping the confines of the master’s fortress. For the land is black as far as the eye can see. They have rabbits ears and cheery faces.

It is one of these four which you will become.

How they came to be here, living in the dirt and the root, they can no longer remember. Now they are no longer content to feel powerless and destitute. They hope to find the secret of their past smoehwere within the dragon’s walls and explain how they came to be in this harsh place. The white dragon prince abides in splendor and comfort within his inner chambers, no mortal or diety could possibly breach his walls. His wealth and knowledge abound beyond the infinte, and he has trapped the souls of many lesser beings through his travels, though most of these occurences are far from his memory.

The four rabbit gnomes decide to undertake their adventure and take fate into their own hands. They are no longer happy to drift with the winds of fate. They are ambitious to become masters of their destiny. They are bitter for being trapped in this desolate place with no apparent exit. But this world is a challenge to their ambition and the future holds great treasure and transformation for them if they are successful in their task. If they can navigate the dangerous under-passages of the princes fortress, they may uncover the secret of their origin, and live a greater destiny than they had imagined.

The four characters are small upright creatures with the heads of rabbits or small rodents to begin with. They are cute and close-knit like a family. Their bodies are covered in fur and they have small tails. They stand upright and can use their hands with dexterity and communicate in common speech. They start this adventure simple-minded but they are intelligent. Along their path events may change their attributes and appearance in unexpected ways. They are not used to weilding weapons or using cunning, but they will be by the time they reach the inner ways of the castle.

Basically they want to find out how they got there in the first place and how they can travel between realms and improve their station in life. Through discovery of some of the princes secrets they may discover more than they had ever known existed. They don’t necessarily desire vengeance but that may be a part of it. Since the prince more than likely dragged them along with him through some astral magic that he wasn’t even aware of.

I will be playing one of the characters, as well as managing the actions/scipt of the Dragon Prince and any other NPCs.

This leaves three positions open for new players.
PCs can be male or female, with at most 2 female characters and at least 1 for the party.

When a suitable number of players are interested in the game we will begin play on our own game forum. Either a page made for us on these forums, another PbP site, or our own custom forums which I can create. Another option is the Obsidian Portal campaign page that I have created

once we begin we may decide to keep the adventure private to consolidate our content before going public with a new campaign for new players. I also welcome the idea of using virtual table-top software to play some live sessions when we want to. Also I am an artist and a programmer and would like to contribute concept art / sketches, and maps.

If you are interested please reply to this post with questions or character proposals.
To propose a character please have:
simple physical description (characters are gnome-like / rodent / animal crossbreeds to begin with):
feelings about opening conditions:
ambitions / life wishes:
potential class skills desired (weapons / magics / enchanting / charisma):
conjecture on who the prince is and how we got involved with him:
bio / anything else you’d like to say:

You can have as much or as little as you’d like to begin with what is more important is a commitment and desire to contribute regularly so that we can develop the story line quickly. If a player doesn’t work out or isn’t active enough we will keep replacing him/her until we have a solid 4 to develop our adventure.

Characters start out at what you might call “level 0” and are basically classless at first. They are picking themselves up off the ground and being thrown into the life of “adventurer.” It is up to the player to decide what they will become and what skills they will evolve. Once the story line is developed we may have a more concrete system for categorizing what “classes” are possible in our universe.

So please contact me soon because we will get underway as soon as our party is complete!

Song of the rabbit heros

Furry in the dank root crouch the four gerbil rabbits.
They have rabbit ears and cheery faces.
It is always dark and perpetually raining outside.
Drip drip goes the rain all around them.
The only way they can survive is by shivering huddled.
They live under the gnarled willow tree that grows from the craggy stone.
White prince with castle Black.
Smell The rain and think
we are only on the brink.
gifts of pain are what remain
when lost in dragon’s game.

Castle of the White Prince